Medical container for Avy Aera

Avy Medkit

Head of Design
Avy Medkit
Project summary

Avy Medkit is highly innovative and ultralightweight container for transporting temperature-sensitive goods such as blood bags, medicines, vaccines and blood samples, specifically designed for Avy Aera 1 and Avy Aera 3. With a capacity of 4 liters, it is able to condition and monitor vulnerable cargo during transits of up to 2 hours between medical facilities while complying with UN3733, P650 and Cold Chain requirements. Designed in close collaboration with hospitals, laboratories and logistics partners such as Sanquin, Certe and Isala, a seamless fit in existing operations and a user-friendly interaction is ensured.

Avy Medkit's integrated temperature sensor and user interface enable medical workers to easily check temperature conditions at any time during transport and review detailed temperature logs afterwards. Avy Medkit enables users to create custom temperature profiles, based on specific types of medical cargo or temperature requirements. With industry standard solutions not even offering basic temperature logging, Avy Medkit is truly innovative in terms of functionality, reliability and user-friendliness.

My role

As Head of Design, I was responsible for the overall design of multiple generations of Avy Medkit — from research and concept development to technical development and user experience. Through observations, in-depth interviews, focus groups and user interaction tests, I extensively mapped use cases, operation and context. I then used this as input for developing use scenarios and the final concept. I was then also responsible for developing the concept into a final product — from developing the user interface to the final look and feel of the product. I was closely involved with production, materials and regulatory compliance.

Avy Medkit was developed in a very small team that apart from me consisted of a mechanical engineer and an embedded software engineer within a fast-paced startup environment.

The container is made from expanded polystyrene and the conditioning is done by means of so-called phase change material (PCM) — a highly weight-efficient material that absorbs or releases energy at phase transition. The temperature point at which PCMs are active can be adjusted depending on the specific requirements of medical cargo being transported. For example, it can be set to 20-24 ºC for one type of cargo, and 2-8 ºC for another.

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