Docking station for Avy Aera

Avy Dock

Head of Design
Avy Dock
Project summary

As a docking station for Avy Aera, Avy Dock is an integral part of the Avy Drone Network. It enables Avy Aera to be on stand-by for immediate deployment at any given location, it offers a shelter from harsh weather and its autonomous charging capabilities enable completely remote operations — without requiring any on-site interaction.

Designed in close collaboration with medical logistics partners ANWB, PostNL, several hospitals and laboratories, Avy Dock is designed to seamlessly fit in current operations while significantly reducing transport time and workload. At the same time, Avy Dock dramatically reduces response time for the Fire Brigade and other emergency services while adding a new dimension to situational awareness.

Future iterations of Avy Dock will be equipped with automated payload (un)loading, which further optimizes operations and simplifies user interaction.

My role

As Head of Design, I was responsible for formulating the product vision for the Avy Drone Network. Rather than treating all products as separate, the Drone Network is designed as an integrated system consisting of components — of which Avy Dock is an essential one. The requirements for Avy Dock, and its successive development, were a direct result from the vision I developed in collaboration with clients, operators and end users. Consequently, I developed the concept for Avy Dock, and I was closely involved with the technical development.

Avy Dock was developed in a small team, that apart from me consisted of a mechanical engineer and an embedded software engineer within a fast-paced startup environment.

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